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Friday, March 18, 2016

Shoeshine Man

When you have been in  Chicago, in the middle of winter, you can be sure that your boots will be ready for a shine before you go home. 
 No before and after photo, but I told him I would put him on my blog, so here goes !  

I like to take advantage of the talented shoeshine men at the airport.  You can tell he did a fine job. Mine is the one on the left. 
While he was working, I asked about the large tattoo on his arm.

 "Well, it says, God watch over the ones I love and I'll take care of those who don't "

I was not very well prepared for that. Neither was the customer sitting beside me.  
We both kind of exclaimed at the same time  - just a noise, you know . You open your mouth and an audible exclamation comes out, but no actual words.

He was almost done and he did a fine job.  It is always good to give a nice tip for a nice job. 
 And then I said " you be sure and remember  what your Mother told you about Jesus ".
then he said " I'll think about it, I'll think about it "

I was kind of surprised when those words came out of my mouth, but he didn't seem to be .  So, his Mother must have talked to him about Jesus. 

And that is what Mother's and Grandmother's should do.

             Talk about Jesus 

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