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Friday, January 29, 2016

i am not a doctor

and for that matter i am not a nurse

but, i do believe there is something wrong with this picture.

you see, our friend gets these occasional spells of dizziness - vertigo  ( same thing )
and while he was here visiting us, he had an episode.
it was so severe that he had to drop everything and come back to our house and go to bed.
     He had come for a two night stay and a day trip north to look at some stones he is interested in buying. Too unstable to check out any stones  
Slept for hours. He thought maybe the morning coffee could have triggered  the episode.

I am making chicken soup .
Though the guys were going to go out for a quick bite for dinner,  since Mr. Sleepover was under the weather, we all sat down to  chicken soup.

Then the first surprise, Mr. Sleepover wants to go to Bible Study. He thinks that to be social will help him get better faster.

I am not a doctor, but if that makes sense to Mr. Sleepover, more power to him

So the men went to Bible Study.
Then, the men had snacks after Bible Study.
Chocolate cake, popcorn and coffee.

I am not a nurse, but that sounded like something a kid might say would make him feel better.

But they all had a good night's sleep.

Breakfast suggestions: eggs, bacon, toast, cereal.
"I Il take them all". said Mr. Sleepover 
And he did.
Then hubby went to the freezer for his stash of favorite apple fritters.
"you probably  aren't interested in  one of  these?"
But, to my surprise, Yes, he said, I will take 1/2, but not without some coffee.

I could not hold back the laughter
And it was pretty hard laughter.
Mr. Sleepover could not figure it out. "What's so funny?"

I had to tell him,
Do I have to tell you?
Did it strike you funny?"
Are you a nurse?

Well, Mr Sleepover is here for another night. He does not feel well enough to drive home to Eastern Washington , or well enough to drive into the big City of Seattle.
  Have you figured out this will be three nights and then we are looking  ↓ at four.

  So, the guys will make a little trip into town and Mr. Sleepover will be here one more night.  

This picture?  Pretty amazing isn't it. And it has nothing to do with my story. But it is a story of it's own. You see, my friend found it in the dumpster at her condo. Just bare stems.  She brought it inside and set it by the window.  This is the second time it has bloomed for her 8 blooms and 4 more buds.
Now THAT is amazing.  and beautiful.  

If four nights turns into five, I get out the gun, or a nice bat. I have a big party that day and the guys party is over .

I live an exciting life.

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