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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Garage Sale of the Century.....

Garage Sale of the Century Chapter two
                        ( or is it three ?) 
First there was Chapter one.
The sign that gets the good ones 

Chapter can go back to the blog post, or I will tell you briefly, we had a customer who loved so many things.   Especially the cards that were photos of our property in Spokane that Mimi had taken.   She came twice on Friday and then came back on Saturday and bought a few more things  ( well over  $70. total)

customer on left, sister on right 

Chapter October we were gone on a little trip and when we got back there was a package at our front door. It was a book which  our now favorite garage sale customer had purchased for us because there were pictures that reminded her of our farm in Spokane !

The sweetest book 

Chapter the mail, a Holiday card from, yes, our own favorite garage sale customer.

Seasons Greetings 

and as my not quite 5  year old  grandson would say 
          " I did not see that coming " 

I live an exciting life ! 

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