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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another long day

     A "full"  day

           Breakfast with my friend..she served that cereal you serve your grandkids
                              Chocolate Chip Cookie...and then added walnuts
    not bad ( no picture )

Then to the airport

        We are sitting in rows 30 and 31 and usually our favorite fruit and cheese tray is gone so
                  we ordered  guacamole burger, fries and chocolate turtle milkshake at Ruby's.

                            Hubby had the huge burger, some fries and some shake

                              I had fries and lots of shake.

We got our seats changed as we could sit together and now we are in row 17  !

   And they had the fruit and cheese tray. We ordered one, but for some reason we are not very hungry.

Our great friends pick us up at the airport and we head to Applebee's

                It is Appy hour so we ordered apps and they are pretty tasty

no picture, but you get the picture...a day a grazing and very "full"

We say goodbye to our friends and in a while i decide to start unpacking my suitcase.
"Who put a blue ribbon on my suitcase?  wait, this is not my suitcase"

So hubby calls the number on the tag and i call the airport and soon we are back in the car and on our way to SeaTac airport.

Blue ribbon lady ( Gonzaga Mom on her shirt )  is so happy to get her bag. It had missed her early flight and she was wondering if she would ever get it.  She got it. I got mine and we are back on the road again.

Soon, hubby is tired. Good night
 I get involved in the new puzzle I got for Christmas.

Yes, I spent two hours putting pieces together
then it was midnight.
I had some Chex Mix, told myself  "Happy New Year"
and headed to bed.

So you get the was a full day..full of food in particular

OK  here is the puzzle ( finally a picture )

You get the is a hard puzzle
please come and help me
I have coffee and M & M's 

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