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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Garage sale of the Century

It sure was the Garage Sale of the Century 2015  

we have one every year, but this year was the best

The lady on the right is my sister
The lady on the left is our first customer to remember
She spent over $70. (
on her first visit and then more on Saturday )
  She came back twice,( once on Friday with more cash and again on Saturday and bought a few more items )
She is an artist  ( a beautiful piece was in her car, so she brought it out to show us )  She also purchased cards with photos  from our farm in Spokane - she likes old things . They were pictures of  the old, very old buildings  that are no longer in use. ( thanks Mimi )
She knows a great deal about life and politics ( on Saturday she had a long conversation with my sister. They sat down in the lawn chairs and chatted for...a long time )
Her name is Ofra and she gave me permission to post her photo  *

The lady on the right is my sister
The lady on the left is our second customer to remember
She  is our neighbor .
 She comes every year (
last year she sat down, opened her hand bag and pulled out some tomatoes for us, from her garden )
She bought the last Downton Abbey bags (
don't tell anyone, she wants her sister to be surprised )
Her name is Mary Ellen and she gave permission to post this photo. 

Not many customers bring cookies when they come to a garage sale
but then, my friend Bel, is not just any customer
She brought a box of her delicious home made macaroons.
We thought she would stay for lunch, but she had other plans.

But, the customer to remember the most, I do not have a photo. I just have the story.
A gentleman and a young lady came up to our table to pay for a plaque. It was of Noah's ark.  The gentleman said that his friend was here from China, and she did not know the story, would I tell it to her.  So I did, with the help of my sister. I told her it was a true story from the Bible. She said she was going to go to Church the next day. She spoke very good English and I quickly ran inside to find a Bible for her.  She took it and opened it up and thanked me.
And I thank the Lord for the opportunity to share truth, a real true event and to have it well received. 
*  About a week after the sale, I found a package at our front porch.  It was addressed to " the garage sale ladies".  It was from Ofra.  It was a  story book with  pictures of old buildings that reminded her of the photographs of Spokane.  We have NEVER had that happen before  

This was the garage sale to remember 
I live an exciting life ! 

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