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Thursday, October 22, 2015

An evening in Seattle

It is Restaurant week, so we headed to a special place we have been wanting to try and not pay the price 
 (not including $12. parking but it only happens once a year ) 

If you are a Seattleite Foodie you might see two clues
 ( one large,one medium )
If you are not a Seattleite ,don't worry about it , this is just a blog !

(just having fun )

And it was very good coffee 
I prefer water with no ice, in case you noticed 

He chose soup
( with tofu )

I chose pasta. This is the appetizer . Very tasty.
(presentation is their middle name )
Then I forgot to take pictures of the entree - 

and the dessert... pie and chocolate tart
( but we took the tart home, you will see why soon )

Taking a walk down the long, very long hallway 

could not resist this photo for names sake

you probably guessed the necessary stop 

notice any similarity ?

Then after sharing the coconut cream pie, we drove a little farther to the grand finale' 

Almost there 

First things first ...the kitchen  
                      and preparing good coffee, very good coffee  

Many delights with very good coffee
and very good conversation 

this would please any Lego enthusiast   

This was made by a Lego enthusiast 

if only you could see the 10,000 piece of Lego  art !!

But the real delight of the entire evening was spending time with the people who live here.

No names, no photos ( did not ask for permission )
For almost two hours our friends shared with us .
The comforts of their home.
Their delicious  treats.
Part of themselves.
So now we know them better, respect them more and love them even more.  
 That is how it is, when you take  time and give time.

Thank You
And thank you blog friends. I know you are out there even when you don't leave a message. Technology tells me  the numbers, just not the names.  Probably better that way. Play no favorites.


Bel McCoy said...

You sure know how to eat!! No, there is no resemblance to the picture of some Asian girl.

Bel McCoy said...

My comment was supposed to be here....they have a lovely powder room!!

I mean no resemblance to the Asian girl in a picture.

Jeanne said...

This is fun to go along with you to restaurants since we don't have such nice places on a small Caribbean island. I am always interested in the sorbets and desserts and try to picture how they taste. We don't get lemons in Utila, only limes.

I like how you include details in your visits such as art, carpets, bathrooms, and views. xo

justbenme said...

thank you Bel and Jeanne for taking the time to makes me smile.
We only go to such "special" places during restaurant week. The next time is April !
love you both !

November 7
Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times|
( a friend loves at all times )