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Monday, March 16, 2015

treats to treat

treats to treat

first  I got treated

with a coupon for 5 free little treats. They look like little doughnut holes

I ate one right away.

then I sat down in one of the comfy chairs at Nordstrom, to have another.

 Along came a little fellow and his mother.
 He could not take his eyes off my little box as his mother walked briskly along

I heard a little chuckle.  It was the lady beside me.
We both smiled
" we know what he was thinking" she laughed.
I ate one more little treat and was ready to head home.

" Would you like one?"   I asked the lady
She smiled " what are they?" she responded
I showed her and held the box out to her.

"Well,yes I would, thank you " she said,
 to my surprise and delight.
"I have never had them"

"Well", I said, "I haven't either.  They were part of a little packet of coupons from Valentine's Day and I just pulled  one out and walked up to the counter and asked if I could redeem it.
Sorry, you will have to go downstairs, that coupon is for Cinnabon, we are Auntie's pretzels." ( he was very polite )
So I did and all the pink was gone from my cheeks as I explained what happened, and the clerk told me it happens often. Same corner, different floors.  :)  

So, we laughed some more, and I said goodbye,
I feel warm inside.

I live an exciting life. 

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