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Friday, March 13, 2015

it starts with a pound of butter

Butter. there is nothing like it.
no not  margarine
.  no  not "looks like butter"...
            not "can't believe it 's not butter ".

                  BUTTER IS BUTTER AND
                       BUTTER IS BETTER  !

Then why is there something wrong with this picture ?
Why did I spend two hours mixing a pound of butter into sugar and flour and rolling the dough and cutting the heart shapes, 
only to have them crack and fall apart and then bake up harder than a rock ?

That is the question I have for my Scottish friend Zina. 
 She gave me the recipe, and I have made them many times.
They always turn out. My family loves them and that is why I am getting them ready for Easter weekend. 
 But Zina  is the expert and I am not. She will know. 
 Another pound of butter is on the counter, waiting  to to soften,
and I am off to Zina's ! 

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