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Sunday, March 22, 2015

BOOKS, and more BOOKS

 cook books 
    they make good reading material
              and I have many
     ( Martha, since I know you are probably the only person who reads these things, I am thinking about you and want you to know that most people don't spend time "journaling" if no one is going to read it. So, I appreciate when you take the time to let me know you understood my story and smiled )

And the rest of you , I know you are out there, because I can see behind the scenes how many people have opened ( maybe not read the entire story ) but just not WHO?   So, feel free to leave a little note
                 ♪  ♫  will do   ☺
 Favorites: Joy  ( I have 3 copies )
Barefoot Contessa ( thanks to my girl Anita who gave me my first one ) 
    Favorite:  My mother's copy of Betty Crocker
        ( my mother Betty was a great cook )
 Favorite:  How to be a Domestic Goddess
    ( I am still trying, just not hard enough )
         there are others upstairs, I am too lazy to go there

Well, I was looking through a number of books trying to find something for Easter.  I was totally engrossed in one,when the singing stopped and David Jeremiah started his message. ( mind you, it was only 15 minutes.  While in N. Y. he has special singers and they had entertained for 45 minutes.)

In 15 minutes he shared the value of reading a book.    THE book.  The Word of God.
He said:  It is all I need to know about salvation and how to be happy along the way.
I said: It even has recipes. Recipes for what is important in life. 
Knowing that God has given each of us gifts.
Mine is hospitality and that is right there in 
I Peter 4,  Acts 28,  and my favorite chapter in the whole Bible Romans 12  (verse 13 ).
My second ( and I am pretty sure I have only two) is encouragement.   
I know you will be encouraged if you pick up your Bible and read for a few minutes right now.

( and now the second reason I am thinking about you Martha, I was reading the book you gave to me )

The book by Shirley and Danae does not have recipes, but talks about the  lost tradition of entertaining.   ( They do not know that, entertaining is my gift   ☺   )

Enough !
I live an exciting life ! 

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