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Monday, July 21, 2014



Flying the friendly skies

On the road again  
 ( have you ever heard Willie Nelson sing that song?- well, I have a travel mug that has that little song recorded in its holder. You just push a button and Willie starts to sings the first couple lines.   very fun, especially when you are leaving a hotel...but that is another story )

3;30 a.m.  a nice cup of coffee
4;00  in a limo on the way to the airport
But  first, dashing for another pair of shoes.The pair  I had on were falling apart. Cuter, but falling apart.
( first little something )

friendly driver on the way
5;05 comfortably seated at gate A 9
confused glance from a lady nearby as I was snacking on my
Alaska Airlines trail mix waiting for a United flight
I am confused too
somehow I had packed and checked my granola bars, but down at the bottom of my carry on, some not quite  stale snacks.
( second little something )

Almost everyone has boarded the plane when I find out this plane goes to Denver first and then to Chicago. My flight is at another gate.
( third little something )

Once again I am  comfortably  seated. It is kind of relaxing to give yourself permission NOT to be the first in line when your group is called.  I have checked my large bag . My carry on fits under the seat. So I wait. I am in the last group anyway.

Watching the others.

 OH!  here comes a family of six - they are a young and I am sure active family.
 I have been seated by families like that before. I love children.

There is also someone who I can imagine would prefer to sit on the aisle where there is more room.
 Not as much as she could use, but more room.

 I usually get up two or three times, so I try to get an aisle seat.
Pink shorts, blue shirt, black shoes, no socks...should I tell him ?


Sometimes I wonder why men wear shorts. Old men. And then they wear black socks with black shoes.  I guess I should be happy my husband  wears tennis shoes with his black socks and blue shorts . ( ok. they are grey and sometimes white )
I almost forgot the lady with 3 carry ons.   One of them was a clear box the size of two shoe boxes, full of cherries.  She was questioned, but she got on.. With her cherries.

 Decided to add a photo - only two on the whole ride.

5:25 boarding in progress.  It is a very full flight.
 Oh, there is that family of six and  Oh, guess who is sitting on the aisle next to  the dad who is holding an unhappy  little fellow...and next to him an exuberant little gal ?!?
  ( well at least she is on the aisle )

This is a pretty streamed down flight.  No screens, no digi  players. No  treats with your beverage ( Delta gives you a choice of three  but I am in the friendly skies )

Let me just say one thing.  The gal next to me does not know that this is the friendly eye contact, head down as I sit down, not a word on the 4 hour flight.

Now here is the second comment 


Now we are at O’Hare - have you ever gone from the C concourse to the B concourse?  It is underground and the lights on the ceiling  are bright and fun and very colorful.

If you can make this video work. PLEASE   tell me   

On our return flight we go from E to B and it is probably the farthest gates from each other, but has a fun upper level walkway.

There is also a feature in the women’s bathroom that I have not seen anywhere else. . You wave your hand over the blue light and the paper over the seat automatically changes for you.  Can you see a little orange and white sheet of paper on the shelf?  Can you guess s what it is?
( hint: we used to get them every Sunday morning )

Watching the others:
cute little older lady with fun black shoes.  They have clear heels. She just stepped away from the counter smiling. Cute shoes do  make you smile
someone is at the counter. not too tall. wearing a white hard hat that says "lighting" on the side. He has a red golf shirt , not real tidy. I wonder if he works here or if he ..oh,I think  he has a little boarding  pass. Though he has no carry ons.  He just blew his nose. I  wish I was not eating my Starbucks parfait. Oh well, I didn't need those extra calories.
Lots of women are wearing dresses these days.
Orange print dress, silver shoes, blue toenails.  Why does she look so cute?
This area is for lots of shorter flights that use the same gate I feel like I am in a holding tank. I am not going to Grand Rapids. Or  Bloomington.  Soon my flight to Peoria should pop up.
It does and soon we are up in the air and for such a short time, we do not even get a beverage.
Oh well, I am off to Shallowbrook where there will be no lack of fine food for all who enter .

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