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Monday, July 7, 2014

Location:    BBQ , Issaquah. neighborhood church

But let's start at the beginning..

This morning at Bible Study I commented about the freedom we have as Christians and how little we take advantage of that freedom. Since  I was talking to the Lord I had to admit  that I need to be bolder.

Evening BBQ with our neighbor at his church in Issaquah turned into a perfect opportunity.   He had invited a friend, so the four of us were on our way.

First we had a little warm up fun with “human bingo”.  In the process, you ask random people if they can put their name in a space on your “bingo” card.   So while we are in the food line we chat with other guests.

1.       Do you drive a red car?

2.       Do you live in Renton?

3.       Do you live in a 3 story  house?

4.       Can you play the piano?

5.       Are you wearing a Band-Aid?

6.       Are you engaged?

You get the idea.   
  the young woman ahead of me asked me a question.

“ Do you go to this church?  “    I told her no but I go to a place in Issaquah. 

“Oh  do you know Beth?  She has been our kid’s preschool teacher “

Yes, I know Beth !    It is a small world.

 Once we get our burgers we find a table to share.   ( boldness is setting in, I am warmed up )
I am not sure how the conversation started with our new friend. She went to a Catholic school so on Sunday, she did not have to go to Sunday School.  
I explained that our children had invited friends to come with them to Sunday School to learn about Jesus.   We did not try to take them away from other churches but to bring them with us to hear about Jesus. 

This was hard for her to figure out.  But she concluded that maybe it was because she went to school on the East Coast.  We did not spend much more time on the topic, before , there was a voice  to my right. A  young  lady.  A stranger.  She smiled at me and told me her name was Kate. She also said she liked my jewelry  ( Mickey earrings )  Then she told me that she  was  one of those kids that had a friend invite her to Sunday School.   That was where she began to have a relationship with the Lord. At that time ,  she was eleven years old
We are both  smiling.

I don’t know if  my neighbors friend will give any more thought to our conversation, but I do know that  it has made  me more thankful for my Mother who made sure I went to Sunday School.   And  I would like to practice boldness more often.  

It does not always mean a deep, conversation or a time of confession. The Lord can use any one and anything  He chooses to bring glory to Him.

Think before you  pray. He answers!

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