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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sisters who pray together

                                                       Stay together
                                                              Have fun together 
                                                                        shop together

                                                                                eat together     

BUT, just can't ever spend quite enough time with each other.  
                              Let's do it again soon !

p.s.  sometimes getting there is half the fun

 These ladies were fun to watch...they were having fun too.

This is not the glass elevator we entered. The one that  was waiting for us with the doors open. But  then when
                                  we got in, 
                                    it didn't go up,
                                             and it didn't go down, 
                                                  so we got out.  
 This is a picture of something else.  Something that usually has higher walls.  Then you wouldn't see the pony tail bobbing up in the "room" next door that I saw.  
But I  didn't get a photo of the glass elevator, we were laughing pretty hard and needed to leave the scene. 

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