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Monday, February 17, 2014

Therapy for all

   The longer i wear this little purple brace, the more i hear about others who have been through therapy AND  the value of following through at home.
  But on my first visit, i knew nothing about the  "details"

 The friendly smile in front is Kristin.  She is an expert in  hand therapy.  She explained very carefully what was going to happen,  how I would participate, and other information that i cannot remember. But Karrie, also with a friendly smile, bobbed her head in agreement with all of the above.  She has been a patient here before.  This time, her injury was job related.   She helps people in the theatre world to get in and out of their costumes.   Somehow, her hand got under a large shoe while trying to help get her client in or out of trousers.  

Me?  Well I was not smiling so much.  It had been a big day with the PA sawing off my polysomethingorother splint.   This put me in a prone position and popping an anti nausea pill. 

That prepared the way for a somewhat pleasant encounter with Kristin. ( as noted above ). This was Monday.   On Friday I returned to meet Kathy  ( sorry no photo ) the other very best hand therapist in in the state of Washington...probably in the whole USA.
The appointment did not go well.  I don't want to talk about it.  Kathy said my face was about the color of my hand, so she let me go home. 

So we go home and I call Kelly, to make an appointment for the following week.  
And now you know what took place in those first two weeks after surgery.

You can see the 7 little screws  in the "right" place in my "left" wrist.

that is enough information for one post !  

p.s. if  you notice some similiarities, it means you actually read my story, it all the similarities are true.  

I live an exciting life.

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