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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunday Summary

Stopping at Darrell's favorite bakery
  (stop by before Wednesday and enjoy a donut or apple fritter with me)

Sunday school message on anger was very good
Daniel Burke should be a teacher
He got participation from the kids and gave something for all of us to remember
Mark 11:15-17

Bountiful buffet lunch
Bible study Col 3 - new life in Christ
II Cor. 10:5 - bring every thought into captivity
Rom 12 - my favorite chapter in the Bible

Maple Valley - home of our favorite Bronco fan - Tiffany
The food:
 five layered dip and chips,
 chili with toppings
 10 pound brownie (this year 11.1 lbs),
 and Bronco napkins

Though the group was small, the noise level got pretty high from about 3:30 to about 7:00
If you live anywhere near Seattle, you know everyone has been “geared up”,      Office buildings, including the Space Needle’  were lit up in blue and green.  It was amazing!

It is impossible not to feel the Seahawks energy all around. Oh, and don’t forget our 12th man!
Most of our family are Hawk fans
Check Anita's FB page (don't bother with Tiffany, not on FB and she is  wearing orange)

And the rest is history!
What a game and some decent ads.
I came home with brownies, meatballs, and $25.00 - hmmmm

transcribed by scribe Sharon

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