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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


hi marti...wish you were here...though it is pretty warm today...we could have ice cream and berries

OK.  what happens when  finally, after three months, for  231/2 / 7, you have been inside
  then suddenly, you have permission to go  ...
do your own shopping !
with a mask and gloves!
first thing in the morning !
( it has been very nice to have several friends/neighbors make grocery runs for us) 

Well, it happened.  kids gave me permission! ( they are the boss, they care )

It was hard to believe at first. 
Up to Trader Joe's and back home.

Now, it is the second week
Up to Trader Joe's
Sun is out ! 
Time to put the top down on Sabrina !!!
Slipped by Bartell's ( $5. coupon if you spend $30.)
Still early, Safeway ( favorite drink on sale. No caffeine, no sugar, no name ♥ )
Then, right next door ( almost ) and  in time for breakfast...
Hash browns, egg ! muffin, and Coffee !!


No pictures needed  
(when you drive a red convertible you can't hide )

Oh what a morning

I live an exciting life  

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Sounds like an exciting life - LOL! But....I need to show a picture of us during SIP! Unfortunately, I can't share it here. But I am going to go figure out a way to tag you or something on FB.