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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

sleep over

Love it when there is a school holiday and little man spends the day and sometimes night with us.

This adventure started Sunday evening at the Burg.... and it started with a bang....well, actually...silence...
Found out that Sabrina does not like listening to Christmas CDs when the engine is not running.   It seems the battery is not happy.
Thankfully, this sort of adventure happens often at the Burg and they were well equipped  to get us running again. 

We were a little chilly when we got home, but Grampy had a great fire going and that is where little man likes to sleep.  On the floor, in the rec room, in a sleeping bag, close to the wood stove.  And after watching Elf and eating popcorn, that is what he did.

He slept in until 7:30.   We read the story of Jonah.  He ate 2 waffles and then he prepared a little treat for me....carrot soup.

Now it is time to do some baking.   He brought his own supplies

We each made a batch of Fisher scones.   One of us added M & M's the other, craisins.

Now it is time to wrap some up and take them to neighbors.

First stop,  youngest neighbor ... his grandma made me coffee and his grandpa served treats, ( two portions of tiramisu which little man consumed promptly )   they encouraged us to stay, but we had made other plans.

A trip to Bellevue cheese sample at Beecher's.. lunch at  McDonald's.   The play area, where we met our friends Anna and Sophia.  Then to the Lego store

Such amazing things at this place.  Bought one stocking stuffer and our friend Anna bought one for little man, too.    We said our goodbyes.

Our final stop, 3rd floor Nordstrom's...the balloon.. 

Little man also brought donuts in his suitcase.  A friend had sent $$ to buy a dozen birthday donuts... his special day is the 25 th

One tray of scones to a nice couple next door.  She had just had both knees replaced. Friends had brought her fudge.  It was very good.  

The boys across the street were not home, but their mom was sure they would appreciate the scones  ( especially the ones with blue and green M & M's, no doubt )

On our way to Bartells,  we stopped at another Sophia's.  She was delighted to see us and she looked hungry, so...

Pokemon is the attraction at Bartells... one pack of cards $4.49 

And got home in time to put a few more pieces in  our puzzle.

Keeping pace with an almost 8 year old..... might be hitting the sack a little early tonight.      
 Would do it again, anytime

p.s.  in case you heard the news.... we were at the same Nordstrom today where two women stole about 10  handbags worth $4,000 to $6,000 EACH.    10:30 this morning, just before we arrived. 
Yes.   I heard right.....You heard right...  $4,000 for a purse !!!!  

I live an exciting life.


klamb said...

Please don't leave us hanging, did they catch the brazen thieves?

justbenme said...

as of 830 p.m. tonight.. no ! checked KOMO and looks like a little camera photo of the women and the getaway car...but, hard to tell.