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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Friends / Family


What good is a story without a picture?

What good is a lousy picture without an explanation?

Overlake Hospital on a dark and stormy night 

I admit, a very lousy picture, but it is the only one I took last night.

We had  said good night to my wonderful friend Judy Cantrell... she just got her first pacemaker !   Should be up and full of energy real soon.

Hubby and I headed down to the lobby.  
First stop ladies room.   
Next stop, window shopping at the gift shop  ( it was closed ).   Hubby had engaged in conversation with Phoenix  " Lady in the lobby" 
While looking in the window, I spotted a reason to come back when the gift shop is open  a plague that reads

  " Let your light shine "

I read it to hubby and Lady of the lobby said
"Oh, you must be a Christian, so am I ".  
This began a 95 % one sided dialogue that entertained us for the next half hour.  She was going to call for a ride to her "shelter" and we offered to take her there.  She had been in the ER for 5 hours, and though we do not know why, we do know lots of other information

Born in 1945.  Raised by a Jewish family. She  got engaged to a Jewish lad, but when he found out she was a Gentile, he took off for Israel.  But, he came back 20 years later ( married ) had a mid life crisis.. seen the Passion Play , so now he is  "my brother".  Served as a missionary in Thailand. 
Was a greeter at New Life, but it is too far away, she  doesn't have a car , so now she goes to Valley Bible. 

A new name, Hope,  Risen out of the ashes of death to life forevermore 
resurrection hour I have died so many times you know and God has  resurrected me so if you've got something to do, do it.  

Quite a bit more but, 

I think we can all agree, that enough of the conversation has been recorded. 
And, I am sure I will always remember the Lady in the Lobby,  and I hope I will spot her again in Bellevue.  

for me?  at the end of the third day, no one noticed my new hair color or the lovely watch pendant that hubby gave to me about 50 years ago.  So, I can't tell anyone that the watch doesn't work right now, but is very pretty.    

as you know
I live an exciting life
yesterday, very exciting !



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