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Saturday, September 29, 2018

marking something special

Life is special

             Each day is another gift

                 This week, two ladies had their final treatment

                              And they rang the gong !

Read the statement first 

Give it a good bang ! 

She reads it too

A very good bang !

And all of us clapped and got a little emotional
This is a big day
The final day of radiation
Both girls have been through Chemo
and one lost her hair
An easier session is over 

So, we hugged and teared up a little and said

"I never want to see you here again !"

( one gal was so excited to leave she walked out of the department in her blue gown ) 

For the rest of the week I am missing my little redheaded friend. No one is sitting beside me at the puzzle.    No one notices my sparkle leggings, my friend in her blue gown is not there.

We begin the next chapter with two new patients, soon to be friends.

And for now, we are marking the days...just 10 left.

Looking forward to the weekend and no alarm in the morning. 

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