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Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 days

in a nutshell

Sunday morning Furnace stopped working
Monday    Steve the furnace man came, we are warming up
Wednesday at bedtime    spoon broke in garbage disposal. Jammed. Pierced hole into barrel of disposal
     Sink cannot be used
Thursday new disposal installed
Friday, dishwasher will not  drain
Saturday, read directions on disposal directions and fixed drain problem
Saturday afternoon, grandson to ER,  ear infection
Sunday, Easter ...lifted heavy pot and back complained, a lot .
    Grandson not good. Can't come to Grammy's
     Oven not heating -  forgot to push start button
     Doorbell, grandson and parents  " April fools"
Monday furnace very noisy - Steve returns and makes adjustments
Wednesday - back is feeling better - off to Orlando

Just another week in my exciting life

thought you might be interested -  keep checking I have much to more to share 

with pictures   

     some things don't change....12 years and Sabrina and me are still on the move...

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