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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sharing the good news

Gracie was so excited and so was her cousin.  They got to spend a whole week, together at their Auntie's house.  Auntie was going to be lonely with her girls away at camp, so she happy to have some girl company.

The cousins planned out a tea party and invited Grandma. The got to go shopping. They made party favors and had a great time.

Gracie knew that her cousin was not a Christian, so she did her best to quote scripture now and then. She is 11 and knows quite a bit of the Bible.

The last morning Gracie came into the kitchen and told her Auntie  "I was just reading to Kate from Revelations"
before Auntie could catch her breath Gracie continued.

"I read about the golden streets and the mansions and I told her that was what heaven was like and that was where I would be going, doesn't that sound beautiful ? "

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