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Monday, July 18, 2016

3 days

 Three days ...lots of energy...lots of fun

Tea party, waiting for cousin

Chick fil A - wear cow gear and get a free entree

Cow gear
for Chick Fil A "cow appreciation day" ! 

play time

clean up time

VBS  registration 
this is day one.  

Lots of water games 

hug time
Tea party, under the Japanese Maple Tree 

baking time

The Burg time 

movie time 

Ice cream time 

The Andy Griffith Show 

VBS another day 

whose side are you on ? 


Aunt Judy treated us to the D Q . kind of a warm day 

This is Dixie - she inspired our movie night 

ready for milking 

Sand box derby 

Guess who saw his Mommy ?"

Last night, Spaghetti 

Someone had a birthday 

Charlotte's Web   until....

a little too cool outside 

Hard to say who had more fun
The little men
or Grammy 

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