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Monday, November 9, 2015

Get the picture"

It   might be hard to get the mental picture
  but i will give it my best.

we are at a favorite restaurant,  Not very big, not very busy. ( there is a couple sitting at the booth next to us and a single man comes in soon )

                Hubby's phone rings.
                      I give him the look  ( just a sweet smile ?)
                He says it is important.
                      So in his "I am hard of hearing so I talk loud" voice he talked for a long
                     few minutes.

I never, well hardly ever complain.  But for all the folks who are offended by the use of cell phones,in public places,  I decided to stick my neck out and open my mouth and speak the truth
               " when we are out to dinner I think it is rude to talk on your phone"
He responded.
Then I Responded.  Still in my sweet voice.
He responded. and is not happy.  Not understanding how I feel.
                           ( I call it validating MY feelings - does not go there )

I said, " why not ask someone else !   why not ask that fellow over there, see how he feels"

A voice behind  hubby ... " don't ask me"

At this point I realized that I had raised my voice a notch.

I wish I could say that I got up and slipped over to his table and apologized, but ...I am a little slow on the draw...occasionally

Sometimes do you wish you could replay a moment and change it bit ? !?


Jeanne said...

I got the picture because you described it well and I agree with you, dear Kathy. I call myself "old-fashioned" or "old school" in this culture of attachment to devices. I don't carry my cell phone with me wherever I go and people are shocked, like I have left my head behind. Well, I am not a slave to conformity and I say, "Be fully present wherever you are and whoever you are with." Or said another way, in island-life terms, "Breathe, and keep life simple!"

In Hubby's defense, he was probably taking care of business, thus taking good care of you! xoxo

justbenme said...

love to hear from you...looks like you are more comfortable not taking sides, but you do love me !!! :)