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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Children welcome here

children welcome 
               and we are ready

                         from the powder room

                                     and beyond 

Mickey soap dispenser from one of my octogenarian friends

favorite stool..will not tip over..and it holds water toys
.tooth brush holder
kids love to brush their teeth

Not an antique, it just looks like one

gates: ready,  diapers: ready,changing table: ready
We are ready !

Passed down from cousins
quilt handmade by Shawn P.
thank you all very much 

Some old, some new, some gifts .

Yes, it works.  A little more clean up involved, but fun .
Who doesn't love popcorn  ! 

Many miles have been covered on these tracks 

This has been around for about 40 years.

doesn't work, but when the little men get older, we will fix it 

Ready for snuggles 

Mostly girls stop here 

Meet Ducky Conrad ! 

Never know where we might find one of these.
They seem to play hide and seek 

This Mickey blows bubbles 

Names on the bottom go back over 70 years !  

Tub toys 

no explanation necessary 

This door leads to a secret room for little people 

that's all you get to see. 

Grammy hopes to have energy to keep pace with many more little ones who come to visit. 

And, always take time to tell them about Jesus. He loves them more than I do. 

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