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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Third annual trip to Chelan

This could be boring to anyone who is not family
 ( or Marti :)   )  but I do have a fun family. 

not your usual photos
but some are pretty funny 

Our address for the week 

First night, walk to dinner 

where is grampy ?

here he comes - daily walk for the daily news


down town Chelan

at home at the print shop 

Church  around the corner...we attended on Sunday.

at work at the grill

at work in the kitchen

at work at feasting 

location of the Chelan Car show

My favorite 

first time fishing 

Sebastian's first catch ! 

A big day deserves a bubble bath 

free entertainment ! 

When you take a walk with Grammy,
 you don't know where you might stop

Another dinner out...BBQ and family atmosphere 

They serve ice cream ! Great ice cream ! 

Downtown Chelan

Breakfast at the famous blueberry farm 


We are retracing our steps (so to speak - two cameras - two cards  ) 

Cooking Sebastian's catch
thanks Uncle D 

Some things we cannot explain 

Sebastians Catch, Uncle D's Delight 

Three generations 

final night, really good pizza and beyond

sometimes you gotta say..What happens at Chelan, stays at Chelan

1 comment:

Bel McCoy said...

Glad it didn't "stay at Chelan"....enjoyed seeing ALL these pics!! Didn't realize Damon looked so much like his Dad....That triangle of chocolate and fancy ice cream looked mighty fine. All interesting pics to me...