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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Everyone loves candy

Candy makes a good gift for just about anyone so...

 There was a little lady who knew a young friend was going to  be having a birthday.
 Right on Father's Day !
 So, she wrapped up a little package of her favorite candy and she was off to church.

But the birthday boy did not come to church.

Well, thought the little lady , 
maybe I should give this to my husband .
 Maybe after lunch

So the family gathered for lunch 
There was a box of chocolates from her son at the table.
Happy Father's Day it said. 

 So the little lady waited.
Well she thought, the candy might be stale by the time I see the birthday boy again.
one box of chocolates is more than enough for  one man

Maybe I should just eat the candy myself.

And she did.

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