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Monday, June 29, 2015

It just came out...again

My favorite graduation  gift ...

                         ( and a little $$ )

I had ordered a copy of my favorite devotional at the book store.
the call came, it was in.

They would hold it until Monday.

Monday, late in the day, I went to the shelf where devotional books are stocked and found a copy
then I went up to the counter and told them that they should have a copy on hold for me.

Sure enough, the clerk pulled out a copy on hold for me.

" Why is this special to you "      she asked , while processing my order 

"It is the devotional book I have been giving to graduates for many years.  It is God's Word . If you were my friend and graduating, I would give you a copy."  I told her. 

"Well, that is where I am "   she replied 

" Will you read it?"  I said, holding out a copy to her

" Are you serious ?" She asked

" Will you read it?  I replied.


I gave her a copy and I left the store
I am sure she said thank you, I just don't remember what happened after that.
I was so amazed and happy that she took the book.
All the way to my car and beyond, I was smiling and thanking the Lord and wishing I had asked her for her name, but
  The Lord knows her name.
                         and He loves her.

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