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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dallas and beyond

A non stop trip to Dallas.  That sounds easy enough.
   Fly on Friday
      Wedding on Saturday
         Sunday,time to worship and dinner with friends
           Monday, open for something fun

Alaska airlines to Dallas, leaving Seattle at 1:00 in the afternoon
              with the time change,  dinner in Dallas.
Just as we  were approaching DFW, the announcement came
                          We will be circling Dallas. When the weather permits, we will land.
                               ( we did not know that would be tomorrow )
After an hour of "waiting"  we were told
                          We have been redirected to Austin, we should be there in about 45 minutes.

Arrived in Austin.
Our crew had been on duty since early in the morning, from Anchorage, so they could not fly any more today
No Alaska crew in Austin
Flight to continue in the morning at 8;30
    ( wedding at 10:00, that would not work )
Decision to rent a car.
Both passengers next to Darrell were eager to get to Dallas
     so the four of us headed out.
The driver was from Dallas.  It was dark and many semi's travelling the highway.
   The speed limit is 80  ( yes eighty )  Our driver seemed confidant at 90, 92  ( yes, ninety / ninety two )
Darrell was in the front seat praying we did not get spotted by the police
I was in the back seat praying we would not get in an accident.

Arrived in Dallas
We are not in the airport yet. We need to pay a toll to get into the airport and  parking lot system.
This is a huge,huge airport.
Dropped off driver at his car.
Dropped off second passenger
Dropped off rental car
Picked up our rental car
Drove to our hotel
Hot bath.
3:15 good night.

Good morning...beautiful day for a wedding .

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