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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

amazing evening .

start to finish. 

   Finding a parking place was a great start
          Just  as you walk through the front doors
                    the ambiance .

                       .well it is dark. 

                          and lots of candles

  So dark, they give you little flash lights so  you can read the menus
 When I asked our waiter how many flashlights they replace in a night, he said he gives one to the children... and if you want to slip one into your purse... ( you never know when you might need a little black flashlight  )   

After a bit you get used to the dim lighting, but just to be sure you walk in safety when you need to go the ladies room
                     a handsome gaucho takes your arm and leads you around the corner with a smile.

Yes, I needed to make a visit myself and my hubby said to wait until I spotted a gaucho to assist me.  But, I thought it better not to wait and just as I approached the little ramp heading in that direction, along came a very cute gaucho and took my arm.  
 Pretty sure that is why my hubby took my arm when it was time to leave. 

Our waiter was great. I mean really great. For one thing, he is a coffee drinker, so he was very prompt refreshing my coffee with the hottest brew.   He also shared information on some of the recipes. He is after all, a chef himself.   So why is he serving tables?   We do not know, but we are glad. Such service.

Warm garlic bread and  great house salad
Mini filet mignon with the most wonderful sauce. 

           Mine:    Chocolate ganache with salted praline ice cream
                                 His:  Bailey's bread pudding   
The final course and yes, I need a new camera 

And here he is.  The extra touch that made our experience so great.  His name is Mok  ( and do not mock me, he said with a smile )  He was eager to explain any details on the menu and even shared some cooking ideas ( he is a chef, remember )   He also suggested a couple things we should order on our next visit, and we could ask for him,  Mok, and do not mock me, he said with another smile.

So the dinner hour was over.  Hubby took my arm and we left through the silver double doors.

We were right behind  three ladies I had noticed earlier.  Noticed because they were dressed very "boldly". 
 One in particular was a little wobbly.
 She was tall, in pretty tight white pants and pretty tall heels and pretty soon....she stumbled.
 Right in front of us and right off the curb onto her side.
" I'm alright" she said. But she was not able to get up and my hubby and one of her friends pulled her back on to her feet.  
   ( sorry no photo..very sorry ) 

It was a great evening. Still smiling.

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