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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Name dropping

I sure don't like it when other people do it, but hey, it is my turn.  And only in a good way.
You see, on Sunday,  ( The Lord's Day )
I went to church with some friends.
Ron and Tina  ( neighbors ) They drove me
Jesus  ( closer than a brother )  He goes with me
Ann Marie (  she was in my Sunday school class )  singing in the choir
Jim ( neighbor ) also singing in the choir
Debra ( old neighbor ) sitting in the front row with her family
Becky ( avon customer ) sitting right in front of me
Shirley Goodness and Mercy ( BSF and beyond ) waiting for a hug
Martha Ann ( BSF and much more ) in the atrium waiting for ME.
Bonnie ( friend since my wedding day ) visiting for the lst time
Ginny ( neighbor and paryer partner ) stopped by to say hello
Nancy ( friend for many years )  also came by to say hello

There were a few other familiar faces, but I hope I did not forget anyone that I actually chatted with. I would hate to hurt anyone's feelings.

Then Ron and Tina took me home.

Little man, Tanner, came for a few hours while his mom went to a memorial. He was so good. He likes to sing "Jesus Loves Me".

Time for David Jeremiah.
Overcoming fear...
And that ended a very good day.

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