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Thursday, October 31, 2013

It happened tonight...

Good News for about 150 little people

 It takes a while to get ready, and some shopping, but every year I look forward to  October 31

      These little people come to my door and smile.   I  take their  picture  and give them
                 a little bag of treats. There is also a gospel story inside each bag.

This year everyone got the same tract.  "The Rest of His Time"  By  our friend Berwick. 
So, I can explain there is a true story in each bag. And a calendar for 2013 ( that is new this year )

I try to give a "healthy" collection of sweets along with  the real treat.

This year was different.   Almost everyone smiled and said thank you. Some were very surprised at the size of the treat. Some were kind of excited and stepped right inside the house.  A couple refused to have their photo taken, but most just smiled...a couple said "cheese"  I am used to those cheesey smiles. I love them. 

Other    comments:
You have a nice garden
I like your house
Hey, there is a story inside. 
That is the best Mom
I am going to read the story   ( and that is what I love to hear )

 For many years a family that we babysat, would come and have cider with us.  Sometimes all four of them. Then it would be two, or three.  Then one.  One and a friend.   Last year, I think they forgot.
But I decided to  make the cider anyway.      It came in handy when  I was runny out of treat bags.   I hurried up and made 10 more, grabbed a little mug of cider and answered the door bell again.

Then it happened.   I saw her standing there.    That middle aged lady with the not so cute outfit. And her waist was a little big,  well not exactly trim.    She looked alot like someone I know.
 OH ! NO ! It was  me. I was looking in the mirror.     That was when I decided to leave the candy for the youngsters. I gave myself one more little sip of cider  ( for some reason, that is all that was left ).

  And just to celebrate the final group of 5, before  shutting off the lights  ( not enough candy left to make a decent treat bag )  I allowed myself a smidgen of chocolate. 

Now these little men did not come to my door, but we were at a party together yesterday and since they had the cutest smiles, I thought I would add them to my story. The little German lad ( with the stein treat bag )  is Sebastian and the fiesty Fireman is Tanner. 

I live a very exciting life.


Nitters said...

What a fun day...we missed being there!

justbenme said...

Sweet of you to read and then comment Love you more

Stacie Ites said...