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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time to celebrate

 Where there is       Cherry Cake, 

                       there is a reason to 


Cherry cake  ( formerly called fruit cake )

       Theme:  red flowers. in vases,                      .                              on napkins           
                                on   tablecloth
         Menu:  Tattoo potatoes, Swedish meatballs, Monk's cheese, Dill bread,  Broccoli salad, fresh fruit,      Dessert, fruit pizza and Stover's Chocolates
        Guests:  Anderson's, Cantrell's, Imhoff's, Klassen's, Reid's, Suliman and Yabot's.
        Party favors:  Cherry Cakes and chocolate bars.

A evening  of feasting, fellowship and fun.    

So, the guests are gone, Darrell has helped clean up the kitchen, almost everything is back in place.
 ( well it looks good ).  
So I pour a cup of coffee and sit down to reflect on the evening.   
There are two little gift bags waiting for me.   One is a little dish with a bird perked on the edge and a fragrant bar of soap.   The other is a pendant, a  silver cross of diamonds. 
Both gifts were from very close and dear friends, unexpected though not surprised ( I know them so well and they love me )

The next morning I hear from a young friend  who says her Mom could not stop talking about how much fun she had, how great the food was and..well, .that kind of complement I cherish.

I live an exciting life

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