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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just a piece of Chocolate cake please

We were having lunch together at the Boarding House and all I ordered was a bowl of soup and a piece of chocolate cake.  I had been looking at the menu for a few minutes waiting for Renae,  so by the time I ordered I was very ready.  Ready for chocolate cake.

"OH, I'm sorry, that was yesterdays special. Today we have carrot cake."

NO.  I make a great carrot cake, so I never order it at a restaurant, especially so close to Easter when I will be making it for sure.  ( this year it just might  be a flop ) 

I wasn't rude, but I think she knew I was disappointed, since I just got soup.

That was Wednesday.
On Saturday we were dining, and I do mean dining on the 16th floor, at  Holt's.   Now that is a story for later.   But I mentioned my experience at The Boarding House  and got some sympathy.

The  following Wednesday ....
                               .Now that is what I call a Chocolate Cake ( with the letter K   )  

 And it was delicious .  And the second piece for breakfast the next morning was also very delish!

Thank you Tina. You will always be our Celebration Cake Princess.  

I live an exciting life .

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