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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Les and Me

Woke up nice and early due to sleeping downstairs where the air is cooler.  Three places to go, so I needed to wear something suitable for everything.   My new favorite shoes go with just about anything and since I have been using my black pok-a-dot tote, decided to wear black.  Topped it off with taupe and black jacket/sweater.  Looked  compatible.

Since I wanted to get the advantage of an early bird parking place, I left the house before 9:00. Merged!    Yes, Mom Even crossed three lanes of traffic without looking twice . I got into Seattle by 9:15

Walking from the parking garage by the Bon ( O I mean Macy’s )  there is nothing that looks familiar.  Like it did in the 50’s and 60’s when Leslie and I would have  walked along   Pine street. The big city buses are  still trolley style, and as one is passing by, the reflection of someone with brown and black stripes and black and white pok-a-dots  catches my eye.   What was she thinking? ( O, what was I thinking ! ) Barnes and Noble  was the only store open, besides coffee shops,  so I was able to use up about an hour and fill my pok-a-dot  tote with purchases.  In Seattle, no more plastic bags.  And a 5 cent charge for paper.   So  I pulled my taupe purse out of the tote and presto, save 5 cents and my outfit is looking much better.

Our meeting place was Nordstrom shoes.   Can those three inch heels with pointed toes of the 60’s really cost $795.?   I love shoes, so it is easy to get into the mood. 
Then I saw her standing there… my friend since 5th grade, Leslie.  ( well, she was really sitting, but it sounds more musical to say standing )
 We are quickly into conversation that keeps on until she remembers she should call her brother.
 She is not very comfortable with her cell phone. She seldom uses it.  ( mine is not attached to my hip, but I text and call often).
 She pulls out her disposable camera for our waitress to take our picture  and shares 5 pictures she has brought with her of her little granddaughter ( I am on my third digital camera and it holds the past 6 months of photos of my family and adventures )
 She likes to fly at night so she doesn’t waste time  ( for me flying at night hurts )
 She has her suitcase and small tote and like Mary Poppins, she carries everything she needs to perform little projects for her brothers ( candy and  a book  is a good project for me ).
She travels light because from the airport she takes the Light Rail, two busses and a ferry to brother No.1. Now she is going to meet brother No.2 and take a different ferry to another Island and spend a few days with his family.  She brought a project for her own entertainment along the way, she does not like to read or write.
She was however at the top of her class ( let’s just say, I was not )
She is hard working ( I like to have as much fun as possible )

 Her dream and goal since before 5th grade, has been to be an occupational therapist.  She is still sharing her skills. ( my dreams and goals have changed through the years, except to get married and have children.That much: Accomplished )
  Her 40th wedding anniversary was last year and she thinks she and Ira went out to dinner. ( My 40th wedding anniversary was last year and our whole family celebrated with dinner and a family portrait and a new grandbaby!! )
 She has one child and one grandchild. ( I have 4 and 4, so far )

We are so different, I don’t know why she loves me.  She cares about me and listens and remembers.  We know so much about each other it would be impossible to let go of our friendship.  I love you Les!

Back to the car, and a ride down to the ferry so she can meet up with  her brother. Then I head up to Harborview Hospital.   A precious friend is by the side of her daughter.  She was injured very seriously and though I had never met  Lauren , I wanted to give her a little bag of treats and give her mom a hug.
Memories of my experience in the hospital 4 years ago, remind me of the comfort of friends and family that came and called.      Now I can say I have met Lauren and can put a face to my prayers. I wish I had taken her picture.  She looked so pretty.

 This is a trolley style metro bus, from get the picture?

This close to Broadway and I cannot pass by Dicks without some French fries and ice cream Still only about $3.   The next stop, not quite so reasonable, but Vivace coffee is a favorite of Mimi and Damon and as along as I am buying beans, I might as well have a latte.   Then I remember  why it is their favorite.

Home in time for a little rest before going out to dinner.  Thought I should stick to a salad.  A little walk in the neighborhood with my hubby.  It is a perfect night .
( ok, the walk  was last night,  but it makes a nicer ending than watching an episode of Gunsmoke, I do love Westerns.  )

I live an exciting life.  

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