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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Visit to Spokane

 this is the spot on Auntie Sharon's porch where I sat each morning. The view, a cup of good coffee and I just might never go home. 

 Wherever you find Auntie Sharon, you will find a cat, or two, or more.

  This path leads to one of the special spots in the garden

                       like this spot, with the pergola

  or this spot, where a little family lives.

                  A funny yellow bee catcher

         keeps this special spot safe.

                  Many chickens,         many eggs

                       One part of another garden

                             Auntie Sharon loves petunia's

                Sun dials tell time when the sun shines

                          One more serene moment before going inside

                                  We enjoy breakfast in the sun room

             then ride down to the original homestead

                                      This is the house where the Tanners were raised

               The barn would hold hay or cows  or both

                                  The garage

                    and what the garage holds now

                                             Farm tools

                                           Farm buildings

                              What is missing from this picture? Auntie Sharon

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