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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spending a day at Grammy and Grampy's

 My Mom used to find her toys in this box 30 years ago  ( Now her favorite toy is in the box)
 Or sometimes I use the box to reach high stuff that maybe I shouldn't get to ( but I got there )
 Very exciting things are in Grammy's top drawer and I can almost reach ( give me another week )
 You might find lots of fun things in my drawer. ( But today they are on the floor)
 I like to help Grampy work with wood, hammer and nails  ( do all Grampy's work that  hard ?)
 Yes I got a little cold and wet and dirty ( Mom always packs a few extra  changes of clothes )
I am getting so tall, I hit my head walking under this table  ( I am still good at crawling )

                 I live  an exciting life when I visit  Grammy and Grampy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

SUPER CUTE!! I love the one where he's under the table!