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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our first stop was Starbucks, but I am sure you have a mental picture of that.

 Next stop, Coffee Girl, but you have to go down the bridge and into an old warehouse sort of building, to even find it. Then you have to make sure you wash up before you go in, because that is the only restroom available.  And make sure you......

 We find the OPEN sign and have a great meal
 Since we did not have dessert, we stop at the custard shop.   We are almost there.
 And the fun begins. We hit this mall every day. They have great coffee and yes, a merry go round.

For four days we enjoy the beauty of the Oregon Coast
                                 The view ^    The friends v
                             Mom and daughter, Mary Alice and Heather
                                 Pajama girl,  Marie
                                   Cookie baker, Kim
                Old and new friends,   Sandy Tonn and Wendi
                               Our organizer, Sarah and me, Kathy
                          Faithful friends, Sarah, Char and Stacy
 Next time I will get a better shot of each gal, but this one covers any I missed
                        Wendi, Sandy, Colleen and Sarah
      If you know me, you know why Nancy and I slept in this room
            If you know Mary Alice, you know why I took this picture
                 If you like good food, you would love this
                                                    and this
   If you like night time visitors, this one will be happy to  greet you
  If you like casual, unplanned gatherings, this works for you
If you know women, you will know why I took this picture

And a great time was had by all......Daily times of devotion, lots of good food, shopping, and most of all, sharing our love for each other and the Lord.    Priceless

I do live and exciting life!


Teri Dawn Smith said...

Awesome! thanks for sharing. So sorry I couldn't be there.

justbenme said...

Teri, you were so missed! But if we don't meet on a cloud before then, next year you will have to join us.
Bless you lots,

April 28
Proverbs 28:20 A faithful man will abound with blessings
( …counting many blessings today ? )

twinnietwo22 said...

Thanks for posting this. Love your blog and love you precious Kathy! :o)