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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A visit from our St. Louis Kerr’s

It did not take long for 3 little Kerr’s to feel at home .

We have a kid friendly home and love company.

We only had one full day together and we made the most of it.

They were on St. Louis time, so they were up early and very excited

After breakfast we headed into Seattle. The waterfront. We drove into the first parking lot and it was quite a walk down the promenade to the ferry terminal.

But first things first. Tommy ( oldest and fastest talker) lead the way and was aware of many spots for fun and photo moments . Lots of sculptures and of course, many, many boats.

We stopped for a bite to eat, a little deli with just soda, sandwiches and soup. Tommy wanted to know if the refills for soda were free. Mom said to go and ask. He did. He had to ask a couple times, sometimes little people are ignored. But, he got the right answer, they give free refills. “ What am I drinking” he yelled. Orange Crush says Mom. So, Tommy gets his free refill of Orange Crush.

For some reason there was not much room left in their tummies for food, but a few chips and a couple bites of sandwich and we are off . The pier has its own carousel. ( the same pier where Jessie and Jeremiah were married). So we all took a ride. All of us .

The ferry ride was fun. A ride to Bremerton and then a ride back. While waiting in line for our return trip the three little Kerr’s just hung around. Right side up and upside down. Tommy, Elizabeth, and not to be outdone, little Julia.

Somewhere along the walk back to the car, Tommy was
aware of people eating ice cream. Free ice cream. We are close to a little Kiosk where they are scooping up cones and Tommy says,”Are they free?” and the answer, yes they are free. So we get in line and that is when Tommy spots are large box on the ground. “What’s in that box?” well, there are baseball caps advertising a new movie that is coming to town.
Yes, they are free. ( but only to the hands of an adult, the movie is r rated).
Now we are in line with three precious little people, all wearing their new baseball caps.
The ice cream was super good, and made the rest of the walk back to the car seem short.
We are a little tired by the time we get home. Well, those of us over 7 years old are tired.
The kids are happy to be chasing each other around the back yard and I am pulling weeds when Cara appears, refreshed and starts weeding, too.

That is how we all got hungry again. So we get cleaned up, put on our favorite shoes ( the matching flip flops I have been waiting for a little person to wear with me ) and we are on our way to Red Robin.
We pass through wonderful revolving doors to a big booth and wait patiently for dinner. The slow service is the only complaint, and only by me. Tommy was busy asking the waitress a few questions, very politely.

On our way out the restaurant, each kid gets a colorful balloon. The kind that you have to hold on to or it will fly away. However, there is no protection if the ribbon slips off. And it did. We were walking across a covered bridge to the parking garage and suddenly the balloon was out of reach on touching the roof. Just in time, a tall, dark and handsome man, in a Texas Longhorn shirt, came by and stepping up on the railing ( with one boot ) he snagged that balloon. We all said our thanks and were home just in time to greet the missing family member, their Dad.
This was a very fun day.

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