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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother Daughter Weekend

This is our first time to get away, just us girls

Chelan here we come but first,

We got started just about noon – well, we got 2 blocks away and there was this sign:

We could see baby and kid stuff in the driveway and that was all it took
( With one pregnant daughter, and one with a 5 month old , it was a no brainer )
We now have a new best friend, Kelly and her daughter Haley
photo: shoes
An hour and $100 later, we are back home with the goods. Darrell held an interesting pose, with very little comment.
Photo: Darrell

On the road again
A sunny day and Nita at the wheel, our next stop is the Sultan bakery near Monroe
Huge, messy sandwiches, large fries and delicious lemon, berry cream cake

Photo: Mimi

On the road again

Espresso bar – some like it hot, some like to cold, but all the Tanner women love coffee.

Next stop is Leaven worth. We could have spent a long time here, but that is not our goal. Jut a potty stop and quick walk through a few shops and
Ice Cream.

On the road again

Smallwood ‘s Harvest , A country Mercantile – jams, honey, kitchen things,
photos: Mimi, old pick up, etc.

On the road again.
Our next stop is our condo , I should have taken some photos, enough to say, we are very comfortable - it is now 7:00 and just enough time to settle in and then head to Wapato Point for dinner at 8:00
photo: dessert to share, Chelan by night.

By the time we get back to our condo, we are all ready to relax.
Because we need to get an early start tomorrow. The first place that is recommended by those who frequent Chelan, is

Blueberry Hills. It is hard to say whether the food or the atmosphere is better. But the atmosphere certainly is charming. The outside would never give you a clue to what is in store inside.
Photo: girls
First, you read the note outside that says take a menu, help yourself to a beverage, give your order to the cashier and then sit down.
We did have to wait a bit, but there was so much to take in. Tea pots and cups on shelves. 100’s of sunglasses hanging from the ceiling. One corner had baby clothes for sale. A cupboard full of jams, jelly’s and honey. And the entire building had blueberry lights strung around the rooms. Old fashion appliances.
Photo: eggs benedict, peach blintz, and Ma-cha-ca. Oh and a side of bacon and Joe.
The wait was worth it.
Upon leaving, we realized we could pick some gigantic blueberries, for only $2.50 a pound.
Photo: in the field
Photo: 4 on bench ( I am the one without sunglasses Ü )
We walked around Manson and found a farmers market, Not typical, but interesting. Some food, some clothes, rock, jewelry and an Owl.
Photo: Owl , with keeper. Grandma’s organic garden.

All of the area has amazing hanging baskets. They get watered two or three times a day.
Photo: Flowing flower basket

We took sandwiches to the beach. A grassy spot just steps from our condo. We watch boaters, waders, parasailing and a bachelorette party. (those cupcakes looked so good )
Photo: parachute
Next stop, pedicure at Pinky’s. Yep, that is her name. The owner is Pinky. I do not know the name of the guy who painted my toes, but I have never had such a short, nonverbal , pedicure. O, he asked if I wanted a manicure. Then he moved on to Mimi. As you can see from the photo, he had a conversation with her. Tiffany enjoyed her attendant, but we all wondered why after a nice lotion was massaged into our tired legs, it was immediately washed off.
Photos: Pinky’s sister is having a baby in two months. Toes
If you have been to Chelan, you have probably been to Campbell’s. Once again we can eat outside. Bucket of shrimp, fish and chips, Hawaiian steak bites, Blackened Ahi Salad, and little chocolate desserts.
Photo: food, desserts, girls
We take a little walk after dinner to get a better look at what was left of a house, just down the street. Standing next door is a lady who tells us the first just happened on Thursday. Her son was working on some machinery and a spark must have landed on the carpet ( and the carpet must have had some gasoline spills on it, from other projects).
Photo: burned house
We walk back and notice a B & B that looks very cute. So we walk up to the door and ask for a brochure. The owner asks us in, after she gets her two large dogs to settle down. The dogs are now in the living / dining room area. It is obvious they spent time there. The owner says she keeps the gates up to keep the dogs from jumping on the beds. After settling herself on the steps, she tells us she has had a long day. The menu for breakfast sounded good, but could not entice us to get beyond the other “features”. ( dogs are nice, but dog hair, not a pretty picture)

Tiff and Mimi use the hot tub. Nita and I watch a bit of Jimmy Stewart.
Morning coffee, muffins and blueberries on the deck.

Leisurely pack and clean up the condo. We are going to a winery for lunch – beautiful gardens and good food.
Photo: gardens, girls

Now we need to get on the road again A very slow, bumper to bumper ride for much of the trip, but home in time to gather with the rest of the family for dinner.
Photo: 4 kids.

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