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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who takes pictures at the Hospital?

Well someone who wants to get your attention? Or someone who loves flowers? Someone who had to find out if they were real or not?
Maybe all three.
They were in the lobby at Harborview Hospital, where I visited the xray department. If you prefer not to read the entire dialog - nothing gorey - the outcome was good.
Well, here goes
CT Angio
So, if you have been there, you know what I am talking about. BUT, if you haven’t been there, let me explain a little. The CT stands for Cat and I don’t know what that means. The angio, means needle in your vein and I DO know what that means. It was just a little prick by this very nice technician, Terryn. I have been through that before at the blood bank and doctors office, etc. But this is the third time my mind just sort of panicked. There might be another definition for it, but for me it was this wave of anxiety, confusion and feeling just plain not good. So Terryn very calmly talked to me and got me some water and assured me there is nothing more than an empty needle in my arm. Nothing going in or coming out yet. So, after reclining the chair, a little more water, and praying, I was ready for the real thing. I told Terryn that lots of people were praying for me and she said I was in a good position. I tried to ask her what position she was in, but I guess she did not hear me, and I thought I better just do what I am told.
Into the xray room I go. I lie down on a very long narrow table. Terryn makes sure my head is very still and puts towels on either side to make sure I could not move. Then she tells me what will happen when the dye is injected. You get very warm, actually hot, and you think you are going to wet your pants. You do get very hot, but you don’t wet your pants . The table moves into a very ginormous donut. Not the kind that comes with coffee. You move in and out and pretty soon its over.
You say thank you ( actually, I told Terryn I wish I had some chocolate for her because she was so good to me – the lollipops in my purse did not interest her )
She told me to drink lots of water, and have a good time in Hong Kong. I think I will.
( If she saw anything really wrong, she would not have sent me home )


Jeanne said...

Kathy, I was one of those praying for you and am happy to hear you are good to go to Hong Kong and beyond!
And, you know my position on coffee...all donuts (and donut shapes) go better with coffee!

Love your writing and you.


Bel McCoy said...

Very interesting.... haven't had that procedure. Hong Kong, huh?? Sounds like a far off place, but know a few who have been there and found it a facinating place.
Had my left eye cataract removed on Monday.... Sarah picked me up at about 6:30 am and we got done with the surgery about 11:00 and then she stayed till 9:45 pm!!! What a blessing that was!!. Guess I'm talking too much... anyway, my sight is better and colors more lovely already. Love you, Bel

Kirsten said...

So glad you didn't wet yourself:). That's what I think it feels like when heated car seats first heat up--I always have a little moment of panic:).

Sounds like you have a great nurse/tech/whatever position she had. So nice to have someone compassionate around at a time like that!!

And I had NO IDEA you were going to Hong Kong, you world traveler, you!! For some reason I picture a market with lots of bright scarves--do take a picture if you see anything like that!!