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Friday, February 15, 2019

the dust has settled

almost said..snow has settled,
and that would be true too.

While gone for about 10 days, the furnace stopped working and at least 5 inches  of snow arrived.
Lots to catch up on
but first.

Two fun days with little man -  pictures need little  explanation

Came in Star War PJ's
"working" on games 

Waffles, with syrup in all the holes
Grammy says:  Why not?  

Eating under the table
Grammy says:  no problem
Hmm...the salt shaker?  

Real work in the snow 

Warming up in the usual way 

Valentines from my valentine 

Had to add the valentine from prior year.
Never to be forgotten

Ok. hubby also had a card
and added a hydrangea
but that is another story

P.S.  At the end of the day, when he said he wanted to come back tomorrow, he knew that his mom was making plans. He said he was not sure how to decide where to go. 
( I am delighted that he wants to come back here )

I live an exciting life

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