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Monday, March 12, 2018

Who does that...

I mean,

you how many ladies take orders
   Ok, I have called myself an Avon lady for   40 years 
                                  ( I was a child door knocker )
   But, not much of a sales gal 
                                  ( not sure why, it does run in my family )
   And for the past 10 or 15 years with  my customer list shrinking,
   I was buy brochures,  taking them to  a few final, not so faithful  fans, and then recycling most. 
                                ( I think on line shopping and Bartell's could be a factor)
   Kind of a waste. And, well, it's complicated. 

So, I wrote a note, explaining this would be the last "door to door brochure" and made my final run.

Yesterday,  a beautiful card came in the mail
Not only that, a Starbucks gift card !

Who does that?
A retirement card AND gift, for their Avon Lady ?

Marlene  does 
Marlene Schultz, that's who.

And that deserves a big thank you !  
   ( also one via snail mail ) 

I live an exciting life   

p.s. no worries faithful fans, my account will stay open, just a simpler sales agenda.    

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