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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunny day

Yes the weather was sunny.
A great day for

day at the beach
graduation party
stay inside air conditioned home

Our Garage Sale 

Well, at the end of the day, the choice was not a garage sale. We always say, it is about being together. So, even though it was the smallest sale in our history, we had a good time. My sister always spends the first night with me at Tiff's.   Then in the morning she makes cinnamon toast.  Plenty of coffee. This weekend, with 90 degree days, plenty of water.  Then for lunch, sister makes turkey sandwiches. 
 It is tradition.
 It is great. 

And despite size, weather, whatever, 

There is always one or two things we look back on - highlights - 
   this year, it was the Grandma who picked up a box of Peeps. She checked the expiration date and commented that they were still nice and soft . She bought it. "I just love them" she said.
A huge umbrella had been propped up against the garage wall. Decided to open it up and set it out in the driveway. Minutes later, a couple purchased it and off they went, under the huge umbrella and 90 degree sun.

I lead an exciting life. 

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