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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In the Hood

watching the foot traffic this morning, while families are taking their children up to the school,
 and going to work,
 and walking their dogs
and that is what  interests me this morning
yesterday, it was pretty noisy in the neighborhood, walking dogs, without their leashes.
(isn't there a law about that? )
Well, it all started very suddenly.

I was geting out of my car and a black car moved slowly past me and stopped.
Stopped right in the middle of the road along side some dog walkers.
One of the dog walkers walked over to the black car and just about got up to the window when
get your dog off my dog
About now a green car pulls up behind the black car and the lady jumps out and gets right in the middle of things, but still
someone help!
get that dog!

about 5 dogs, without leashes were let's say, in a tangle.

Baxter is a bull dog and he and his buddy live near the corner.
They were out for their play time
They thought Cutie Pie ( little white West Highland Terrier ) wanted to play.
Was it the screaming of Cutie pie's mother?  
Was it the mad dash of  Baxter's mother?
Was it Baxter's  playful moves?

...we do not know, but Cutie Pie took off, came right up our street, Baxter  was right behind, then got ahead and then just paused - he just wanted to play, but Cutie Pie kept going . Her mother came screaming up the hill 
( she is just a little thing like Cutie Pie. )
Baxter's mother got as far as our driveway and told hubby,
" I can't go any farther "  ( she is a little older )

Hubby tried to catch one of the dogs, carefully, in case they were just wanting some flesh. 

Up the street they ran and around the corner...huffing and puffing and screaming and

sorry to say, they were never seen again.

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