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Thursday, February 4, 2016

a cousin to remember

Some  of you will remember, but I know a few of you will always remember Margret and Colin and the little things that make Margret so  interesting   and unique.

It seems like she has never changed from the first time we met her  ( "Yes and no" )
 Tiffany was still a baby, and then a few times when we saw her in Germany  
and then
in her home with Colin in Sunderland.

She has always been about 5 foot two, with broad shoulders and short cropped hair. ( Once it was blond, now white ) Oh, I think she is a little plumper than 42 years ago ( most of us are )

But it is her conversation that makes her so...Margret.
"If you know what I mean."
She does rely on Colin  COLIN  ( that is not Colin Firth, but very amiable )
He seldom hears her the first time she calls so COLIN  rings in the air.
He stops ..halts...and soon turns around with a smile.

"in the end"  she is usually right.

As she tells us, it is the German way to just speak the truth. Just say what you are thinking. No filters. 

 So, you pretty much know what Margret is thinking.

 And if you are not sure, she is sure to tell you, a second time

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