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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wedding from smith to boykin

The Wedding Chapel 

  Be sure and notice the fourth  his tux   
                 but you won't notice the red socks on the grooms men.


At a certain point the attendants began to dance down the aisle

Mr and Mrs Treviel Boykin 

final stop before the catered reception
This tree was designed by the groom. Each  guest put their little green finger print on a limb. 

Party favors full of treats 

View from our table

just a few friends photos 

Bonnie, far left
drove over 12 hours by herself.
She also won the prize for being married the longest.

Parents of the bride 

Cousins of the bride

Family of the groom 

always good to have a shoe memory

Even better to have a girls memory 

yogurt with fruit 

French toast, eggs, bacon and potatoes 

both flavors of the wedding cake  were offered and served

the "Groom's cake" is so "groom like"
Very unique and fun
Chocolate covered strawberries

The Prayer from Number 23... The Lord Bless and Keep you

Those with their hands folded will never catch anything.

But, this sister caught her sister and then somehow, both of them ended up on the floor 

Is anyone interested in catching that garter? 

Blessed to be called their friends


never too many shoe pictures 


Teri Dawn Smith said...

Thanks for sharing these, Kathy!! You got some great pictures!

justbenme said...

Thank you Teri, for taking the time to write a comment !!
I am glad you liked the pictures. We LOVED the wedding and meeting Treviel and seeing his love for Sarah and the Lord !