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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Holidays seem to take on a new meaning,
          now that I am a little older .
              so I am thinking about Father's Day a little differently
                  my father chose not to be  a part of my life but
                          I am so grateful for my grandpa. 


    Though there were 17 of us cousins,
                I am still pretty sure I was his favorite. 
                                        He called me Kassy. 
   A nickname always adds  an endearing quality  to a relationship.

  We lived with our grandparents, so that helped to draw us closer.      
He taught me the value of saving money. 
  He was a very hard worker. 
 As the only driver in the family, he took us to Sunday School during the winter months. In summer he was in Alaska. 

     He took me to a movie. Actually it was a double feature. An army movie. Stalage  17. Something like that anyway. 
 And the story of John the Baptist and Salome
He didn’t ever go to movies, and we didn’t even have a TV until I was in my early teens.  I can almost bet he never took any of  my 16 other cousins to a movie .   
 ( I think he might have bought us popcorn, too, but I don't really remember  :) )
Other memories,  but that is enough for today. 

I was almost 16 when he died and that was a very long time ago. 

But I will always have good memories of my Grandpa.
 Lots of good memories of my Grandpa. 
 I  have 4 grandchildren 
         and I want them to know that they are special.  
            The way Grandpa made me feel.

It does not compare to the love of my Saviour.  But Jesus designed the family, and He provided my Grandpa to take the place in my life that I needed.

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