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Saturday, January 18, 2014

lest i forget

A day to remember,
                   Sunday's usually are..
this one was starting off with some pain
                             So, off to the ER we go
   wearing a favorite Blue Jay Jersey
                      ( one of the few tops that fit over my splint )
                                                and Mimi as my chauffeur .

We are greeted by the same receptionist as Monday - her sister Jo is my daughter's good friend, so that makes us almost related.  She was also on duty when Darrell cut his leg with his chain saw, but that is another story.

The nurse on duty is very nice . Both her daughter and her sister share  my name, Kathleen.
I like her already

The attending ER doctor, Dr T. makes a very favorable impression.  
 New pain, in my elbow and more swelling are worth checking into.  I explained that I had seen an orthopedic Dr.  on Friday, but I did not think she liked me. Since I had not made an additional appointment, I was not sure what to do.   Now it is Dr. T’ s turn to talk and after sharing his evaluation, he orders an x-ray and leaves the room
I turn to Mimi and tell her  “ I am very glad we decided to come, I am  impressed with Dr. T   and he’s cute. “  We both stifle a laugh.

We go to get the pictures which are taken by Cathy, the x-ray tech. 

Once the x-ray results are ready Dr.T returns  with his recommendations. 

 He  says that if I would like a second opinion, he will give me the name of a hand specialist to see.  “he is highly regarded in his field, I have complete confidence in him, and he’s cute"

I don’t remember what happened after that, but I definitely took his advice
But first, we collected the rest of the family and headed to Ivar’s Salmon House.
Have you ever been to their Sunday seafood buffet ? It is over at 2:00 so it can be tight to make connections after church.   Worth it !

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