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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sleep over at Grammy's

 First we have snacks with Mickey.
Then snuggle time with a few more snacks and some reading material
     Now it is time for a little  "tutti fruti"  and  Little Richard then Dancing in the Street ( or Grammy's kitchen )
                                Just one of our moves.
  Still snacking and giving those pj's from Grammy's closet a work out.    How do they "Shake it up baby"?   

  I am still wondering why  these songs are so familiar when they are from a time when my mama said NO!  to such music.  

Let's just say  I am" feelin good "  that the camera is not on me

Now, was this a good activity just before bedtime? 
                        Well, somebody is tired.

I live an exciting life  :)

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