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Friday, August 2, 2013

Serene setting for dinner

                                                           or no, probably appetizers.

 The invitation was for dinner, and when we called to get directions and confirm, it was  not dinner,  but probably appetizers.   6:00   Friday evening.

  We had been parked in the driveway for about an hour waiting for the Host and Hostess.  OH, here comes a car  and out comes our Host, but wait, he opens the back and out shoot three boys.  And I do mean shoot.  They are in the house and out of sight, but we can still hear them.  We are ushered into the beautiful home of our old neighbors and he is off to control the noise.  Though only two boys live here, one of the sons has brought home a friend from day camp so there is a little competition upstairs.
We are viewing the 6 acres and our host tells us that each of the kids has 2 acres.  So if they are not getting along, they can head out to pasture.  so to speak.   About now, that sounds like  a good idea.  But wait, our Hostess has arrived with their daughter.  And if the boys are pistols, she is a machine gun.  I am sure she said hello before she was upstairs to make sure all the boys were behaving.   Not!   Down she came and reported.
 Mom was waiting for hellos from the boys and then told the boys to say hello to their guest. Silence.  Number one pistol is out the door and Mom is right behind him.  He is back very fast and I am sure he saw me and said hello because I am sure I saw him pass by and away.
  Mom sits down at the table and motions for me to do the same. The table has a tennis shoe and some magazines in the center, but I do not see anything edible.  Commotion.  Up stands Mom and off to settle things.
By now I see our husbands are heading toward the house from the back pasture and I   tell our hostess she has a lot going on and we should probably be on our way.  ( It is 7:45 and I am sure someone else is hungry besides me-though hostess has a little bag of gummies she is snacking on  ) Her body turns  quickly toward the door and we are walking outside.  It is a few minutes before we see them come around the corner and then hostess is back in the house and we are trying to say our farewells to our Host.  He then goes back to get Hostess and we tell them how lovely their home is.  They are pleased and say we will have to come back some Saturday  and have lunch. Nice  idea.    
We get back into our car and wave.
  It is so serene.

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