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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Retreating with BSF in Portland

 The bus ride down was a great time to get better acquainted with other leaders

and then

 Dear friends met me at the hotel and off we went to
eat waffles and shop.

                   B and B
               ( Bob and Barb )                           

Betty and Gayle

Old friends, new friends  and  very old friends.
 No pictures to support the ministry.... that is another page..
                   .ask another   BSFer
 The convention center in Portland

 If you recognize these pictures you 
are a lady.
This was taken in the restroom.
Amazing glass and tile walls.
 Our favorite Choir director lead the singing on Sunday morning. 
 My faithful roommate 
                          ( she brought See's chocolates in her suitcase )
Can you guess how many times I went through the revolving doors before saying goodbye?
(One of my favorite little treats in life )
There is no friend, like an old friend, and we have known each other since we were very young. 
I love you Sue .  Being with you was the icing on the cake !
I live an exciting life

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